Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville, FL: A Majestic Waterfall in the Heart of Downtown

Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville, FL, is a majestic waterfall located in the heart of downtown. It was built in 1965 to commemorate the Friendship 7 space mission. The fountain has been refurbished and is now open to the public again! Friendship Fountain is a must-see for anyone visiting Jacksonville! Visit this link for more information.

Friendship Fountain is one of Jacksonville’s most popular tourist destinations, and for a good reason! The fountain is beautiful and situated in downtown Jacksonville, so it’s easy to get to. The Fountain is 120 feet tall and has three tiers that shoot water into the air. At night, the Fountain is lit with colored lights, making it an even more magical experience. The  Fountain has three enormous pumps that push up to 20,000 gallons of water per minute through more than 200 nozzles. The Fountain runs for 15 minutes every hour, from noon until midnight. If you’re ever in Jacksonville, check out Friendship Fountain- you won’t be disappointed! The Fountain has three different levels of waterfalls and streams that flow into a large basin at the bottom. The Friendship Fountain is lit up at night and is very pretty to see. There are also many benches around the Friendship Fountain where you can sit and relax or take pictures. See here for information about A Stroll through the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens.